• Gary White

You Are Not Alone/No Estan Solos

As we develop and focus our outreach into the community of recent immigrants and asylum seekers in our area, we're excited to share that The Guest House has been officially designated as a Welcome Center for unaccompanied migrant children. The designation comes through a ministry of the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church called “You Are Not Alone/No Estan Solos”. The “You Are Not Alone” program was established by the Conference in 2014 as a response to the many unaccompanied minors being sent north by their parents to escape gang violence in their home countries of Central America. Once in the U.S., the youngsters are put into our immigration system, given paperwork as refugees seeking asylum, and released into communities where primarily church-based agencies seek to care for them. These unaccompanied minors can be as young as eight years old. Rev. David Farley is the Director of Cal-Pac’s Justice and Compassion Ministries, which oversees the “You Are Not Alone” program’s retreats, camps, and church-based Welcome Centers established to minister to the young immigrants. As Rev. Farley recently shared, the church’s compassionate support is needed now more than ever. “It is crucial to continue and grow this ministry in these times of increased cruelty, when families are being separated or being incarcerated with their children, when children like these and their families are criminalized for seeking asylum, and being sent back to the violence from which they have fled. We give thanks to God that we have this program in place at this crucial time.” Rev. Farley and The Guest House staff are now in the process of planning our participation in the “You Are Not Alone” program. In the foreseeable future we hope to host a camp or retreat at our facility, and as a Welcome Center, to offer follow-up support to the young participants in this wonderful program. We are honored, challenged and grateful to be part

of it!

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