• Rev. Carrie Cesar

Firsthand Faith In Resurrection

The women of the resurrection story are the ones who had a firsthand account of what they experienced, of sadness turning into joy. If we want to learn firsthand how to be a child of the resurrection: Who do we turn to? Who do you know that has a story to tell that will convince us of the power of the resurrection? What immigrants know about being tough and resilient is a perfect place to start. This is why my faith is strengthened as I work to help those whose firsthand accounts of the resurrection come from their own life experiences. We have learned about resurrection from a mother fleeing violence, waking up every morning starting over again in a new place, looking for hope in each new sunrise. After more time than you can imagine--traveling with children across countries on foot, or by train, boat, bus, car, or plane--then finally arriving in the safety of a country ready to receive her family in asylum--she has a story to tell. She knows how to be a child of the resurrection! She is one of the bravest persons alive, but more importantly she has a faith in the resurrection that is profound and deep. She knows more than any of us about finding hope in a new dawn, having the strength to take a long dreadful journey, where every day her reality is only made possible by knowing she's been led forth by the Lord of the resurrection, a Lord who saves and protects those who are devoted and totally in love with Him! Jesus Christ--the name above all names, the leader above all leaders--was sent by God to teach us that the meaning of resurrection is much more real and profound than we want to believe. At the same time, it is more common and ordinary than we let ourselves believe. The meaning of resurrection should not only make sense to those who desperately need it. The meaning of the hope of fairness, reconciliation, rest and comfort must be evident for more than just the ones looking death in the face. It must echo for all of us, not just the ones whose lives are burdened by injustice, fear, hard work, and suffering. What I know is that resurrection is real only if your relationship with God is real. But the sad truth is, most people do not take the time or effort to make their relationship with God “real”. We spend much more time worrying about our political views and personal rights than about our souls and the rightful place God needs to hold in our lives. A vibrant and alive faith is only possible when you know the meaning of the resurrection, that God is alive in you every morning for the rest of eternity! So start now, finding ways to engage in the lives of people who know the resurrection is real. As we keep sharing their stories my hope for you is that your faith will grow; and the works of your own faith will be told as firsthand faith accounts of the resurrection.

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