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The Guest House


                  I will do         

           a new thing;

               Now it shall 

            spring forth;

                 Shall ye not  

                 know it?

          I will even

                 make a way

                     in the



                Isaiah 43:19


IN SCRIPTURE we are told to honor the stranger among us, to open our

doors to the traveler.  The Guest House will soon open its doors to travelers who've come to the U.S. to escape persecution and violence in their home countries.  They are seeking asylum, a legal status which can take years to achieve.  During that time these seekers face possible detention, bewildering legal hurdles, employment restrictions and financial deprivation.  The Guest House will provide transitional housing and a circle of support to help asylum seekers meet these challenges.


THE YOUNG LADIES in this photo are sisters.  They've come to the United States from their homeland of Guatemala, where their parents faced political persecution and the girls were being threatened by a violent

local gang.  Sadly, several Central American nations are plagued by these

kinds of problems, and most of the asylum seekers in our area are exiles from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.  Those seekers will be the initial focus of outreach for The Guest House.

The Guest House

Victorville, California


THE GUEST HOUSE is located on the campus of an active local church

in the city of Victorville, California.  Our host congregation realized

their sizable campus included an abundance of underused space.  In response to the needs of asylum seekers in the Victorville area, a plan was developed to re-purpose a wing of classrooms to create The Guest House. The church's Leadership Team unanimously endorsed the plan, and spaces are now being adapted to serve as dormitories, a day room, food service, shower rooms and a laundry.